The pop star who has turned into human emoji released a video from her fourth album “Chained To The Rhythm.” This video has a strong message behind it. The video has been set up in a futuristic theme park where, firstly, Katy Perry gets allured to the attractions of modern life, but soon she realizes that something is wrong in the American dream. The video has adhered to the motto of “purposeful pop.”

Futuristic theme park as metaphor for distractions of modern society

The futuristic theme park shown in the video is actually the Six Flags Magic Mountain situated in Valencia, California.

It is used as a metaphor for all the distractions that exist in the modern society. The guests in the video are all seen taking selfies and enjoying in the park while eating the big sticks of candy floss. People are also seen crowding around the advert for the greatest ride in the whole universe. Everywhere in the theme park, there are signs of a hamster.

Katy does superb lip-syncing while on a roller coaster ride

Katy Perry in the video first enjoys the theme park like everyone, but suddenly, her eyes get stuck when she pricks a rose with her finger and sees that there is a sign of trouble in the paradise. She then goes for a roller coaster ride where she perfectly manages to lip-sync even while experiencing such a big force during the ride.

Later on, the video shows another ride, hoisting the small suburban houses in the sky, which malfunctions leaving the houses to fall to the ground. This is actually a metaphor used for the US housing crisis which left thousands of people homeless.

The purposeful pop video highlights issues of dependency on oil

Hundreds of people are also seen standing in a long queue for a hamster ride.

The greatest ride shown in the advert is actually a treadmill while the guests are not there for fun but are treated as assets. There's a scene of a petrol station where pumps are seen supplying the “Inferno water.” It is referring to the dependency of Western countries on oil as well as the crisis of water supply in the world, which according to some experts could cause war in Asia.

When Katy Perry sits for watching a 3D movie, she notices her fellow guests be moving in unison which disturbs her a lot. She is also seen getting trapped in a group of people doing the mindless dance. In the end, she faces the camera as if questioning the viewers.