“Big Brother 18” stars Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks are together again and “Nicorey” fans just cannot get enough of this pair. They embarked upon a sweet showmance within the “BB18” house this past summer and their supporters feel pretty certain that a full-fledged romance has now developed outside the house. What's the latest?

What's the scoop on Franzel and Brooks' 'BB18' reunion?

Not long ago, Nicole Franzel visited Corey Brooks in Texas for a long weekend. The two clearly had a blast together, and while the “Big Brother 18” stars wouldn't answer fan questions about whether or not they were dating, most felt that it was clear that the two are together romantically.

Now the “BB18” stars are out in Los Angeles together, visiting Victor Arroyo and Paul Abrahamian, and it looks like the visit is going really well already.

Despite living quite a distance away from one another, as Franzel lives in Michigan and Brooks lives in Texas, Corey and Nicole are managing to see quite a bit of one another these days. In addition to the weekend she recently spent in Dallas as well as this Los Angeles trip, the two will be in Edmonton soon to celebrate Halloween with fellow “Big Brother 18” stars Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette.

What other plans have Corey and Nicole made for the future?

Corey and Nicole have also talked about a trip he'll take to Michigan in December to visit her and they've even talked a bit about a trip together after Christmas.

What about long-term plans for Nicorey? “BB18” fans are anxious to hear her say that she's making a move to Texas, but nobody is committing to any moves yet. It does seem awfully clear from the pictures these two share via social media that they're very much together and quite smitten with one another, but it will take a while yet to see where things head for these two.

There were three showmances that played out this past summer during"Big Brother 18"and so far, all three pairs have remained together outside of the "BB18" house. Both Paulie and Zakiyah, as well as Natalie Negrotti and James Huling, have talked about falling for one another and being a romantic couple, while Nicole and Corey have kept things a bit more vague. Fans are quite anxious to see what comes next for Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks, though, and think that these two definitely could go the distance.