Hey, "Walking Dead" peeps. We got some video, spoiler treats for you guys for the upcoming episode 12,season 7. They consist of three clips to be exact, and they look pretty intriguing, featuring Michonne and Rick , finding more weapons, getting their freak on, and fighting off more walkers. We also catch a glimpse Rosita, about to lose her freaking mind, because she can't stand waiting around, and more.

Driving and smiling

In the first clip, we see a basic preview of multiple storylines that will be taking place, starting with a Rick and Michonne driving scene.

She's spotted, telling Rick that they should get back to the camp. However, Rick wants to keep going for just a little while longer, so she agrees with a smile and a laugh. After that, they're seen, still giggling it up after seeing some town or something that appears to just be populated will all walkers.

Calm down Rosita

Next, we get a scene that features Rosita, continuing with her impatient ways. She's spotted, telling someone that she can't be sitting around, waiting all the time. From there, we get back to Rick and Michonne, avoiding a vicious onslaught of walker attacks after entering that town to look for more supplies and what not. It looks like a very intense scene ,too, as Michonne is spotted, yelling his name at one point, and more!

Some serious rounds

In the 2nd clip, we get a solo scene that features Rick and Michonne. AMC's official description for this scene, tells us that they will locate a site that could possibly contain the guns that they so desperately need in order to carry out their deal with their new crew, "The Heapsters," led by Jadis. They beat on the fence to lure out the pesky walkers and confirm that they do have the guns they're looking for, so they're seen, collecting what they need in the second scene.

They end up, talking about how something really serious must have went down there, and how there might be some serious guns to go with the serious round of bullets they've found.

More supplies found

Lastly, we've got this 3rd clip, featuring more of Rick and Michonne. They're spotted, entering a place they found, located deep in the woods to collect a ton of supplies.

Then it caps off with these two love birds, getting it on again in the sheets. So, it looks like we'll definitely be seeing a lot of those two in this next episode. Be sure to check out the clips, below, and stay tuned. The new episode 12 is due to hit the airwaves on Sunday night, March 5th at 8pm central time on AMC.