Hey, "Shadowhunters" peeps. It turns out that things are about to get extremely intense in the new episode 10 of season 2 according to this latest, official spoiler reveal from the Freeform press crew. We're going to see the Downworlders put a big target on Clary's back as part of their own, unique plan to stop Valentine. Also, he's is extremely close to seeing his crazy plans come to fruition, and more!

It's the Winter finale

They decided to go with the name: "By the Light Of Dawn" to title this thing. In their official plot summary, they made sure to put, in all caps, that Clary is going to totally face a world of trouble!

So, that sounds extremely serious. They also let us know that this will be the Winter finale, so we won't be seeing any new episodes after this one for a while.

Continuing on, they went on to tell us that Valentine's big plan for The Soul Sword, is really getting dangerously close to actually becoming a reality, and that this will cause The New York Institute to come heavily under attack! Will the institute be able to survive this crazy, new attack? Or will it just be too much? Those are some interesting questions for this situation.

Running out of time

Next, we learn that time will absolutely be of the essence as the Shadowhunters are going to have to race against the clock in an effort to rescue their loved ones and the rest of the Downworld from imminent destruction!

Will the Shadowhunters be able to pull off this great feat? Or will we see some bodies getting buried? Hopefully not, but it appears that we're going to have to wait for this episode to air, to find that out, because they definitely didn't mention it in this press release. We just know that they're going to be in a whole lot of freaking danger!

They're targeting Clary

Lastly, we've got this final teaser that doesn't really sound good, at all, for Clary. Apparently, the Downworlders are going to come up with some plan of their own to thwart Valentine's vicious plans, but unfortunately, it's only going to work at the expense of Clary as they tell us that they will be targeting her.

Oh no! Will Clary be able to escape this mess? Or will the Downworlders totally screw her over? One thing's for sure, we're definitely going to get some interesting scenes out of this one. It's confirmed to air next Monday night, March 6th,2017 at 7pm central time on Freeform. Stay tuned.