Hey, "Vampire Diaries" peeps. We've got another new, very interesting teaser clip for you guys, courtesy of the wonderful people at The CW. Apparently, they decided to go ahead and spoil us with a teaser clip for the show's series finale episode 16, featuring the return of the beautiful Nina Dobrev aka Elena Gilbert. It's a very short clip to basically just tease her return. They give us like 10 seconds of footage. Yep, that's it.

It's "I Was Feeling Epic"

This very last episode has been given the title: " I Was Feeling Epic." I like that title.

It just evokes interest. Anyways, in the new clip, we get footage of old high school trophies to start things off. Then we see a reflection in the glass that features Elena's face! After that, we're immediately forwarded to a scene where Elena is with Stefan, who is dressed to the nines in a sharp, black suit and tie ensemble. He seems very happy, giving her a big smile.

She doesn't know what the hell is going on

However, we're not sure Elena is so thrilled right now. The only thing that we see from her, is utter confusion. She asks Stefan, "what happened? Why am I here right now?" After that very important question is uttered, it just freaking cuts out on us, leaving us with more of a desire to see what the hell is going to go down with that whole situation.

Whatever happens, they'll have to make it quick, because there will, unfortunately, be no more episodes after this one. It's so sad. I'm wondering what will Stefan's reply be? Whatever it is, it should make sense after episode 14 and 15 air. Yeah, we still have those two to get through before we see this scene go down. Episode 16 is currently set to hit the airwaves on Friday night, March 10th, 2017.

As previously reported, the upcoming episode is going to feature Stefan and Damon, working extremely hard to keep Elena's casket safe from the evil Cade, who is trying to get his hands on it. Apparently, they do succeed since we're seeing Elena in this future clip. But it's all about the process, right? We want to see how they pull it off. That's the interesting part. Episode 14 is scheduled to show up this Friday night, February 24th, 2017. Stay tuned.