This season, Bonnie Bennet did something that no one could've predicted from her character. Not only did she make a selfish decision that nearly ended in murder, but she actively betrayed someone she cared about. Now, of course, Bonnie was placed in an extremely difficult position that she can't be blamed for. The choice was impossible: Damon or Enzo. Well, at least the choice seemed impossible. Until she made it.

Damon vs. forgiveness

Bonnie's biggest struggle this season was loneliness. With Caroline and Stefan reunited, she was forced to watch their romance flourish while searching for the most two important people in her life.

And though it was clear that Bonnie craved romance (and therefore craved Enzo), she also wanted her best friend. The problem is, Damon never fully regained that status. It can be argued that if Damon didn't choose to abandon his loved ones, he and Bonnie might've entered a romantic relationship. Or at the very least, she wouldn't have grown so close to Enzo, because she wouldn't have needed to. Damon unintentionally pushed Bonnie into Enzo's hands and it backfired on him. He lost his best friend and nearly lost his life. She chose to save Enzo not because she's in love with him, but because she knows he's reliable.

Bonnie falls in love with herself

While Bonnie's fierce loyalty is something that people praise, it's also her greatest flaw.

Her constant sacrifices continue to ruin her life. She sacrifices herself for Jeremy in Season 2. She sacrifices herself for Damon in Season 6. She nearly spent an eternity in a prison world just to save the world from Kai. These constant sacrifices are what makes her decision in Season 8 so unbelievable. The audience can't help but wonder if a younger Bonnie would've made the same decision.

Enzo changes Bonnie

The years that Enzo and Bonnie spent together completely transformed Bonnie as a character. She got a taste of true, unwavering and undivided love. Something that's she's never known before. Enzo practically transformed her into a new person. Someone who values themselves over others. Someone who no longer makes nothing but self-deprecating decisions. Bonnie's newfound love for herself is what caused her to pursue her own happiness.