Alright, so the very kind people over at NBC were thoughtful enough to serve up a brand new promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming "This Is Us" episode 17 of its premiere season 1, labeled: "Now What?" It delivers a little bit more info for some of the storylines that we covered in the official press release post. We see some extra details about the Pearson's big get-together, along with some footage of Kevin and Sophie's growing relationship, and more.

The party gets emotional

In the new clip, we're first, shown a scene that features all the Pearsons gathered at Randall's house to celebrate William's life.

We see a very emotional scene where Randall is seen, trying on his father's hat and saying some very heartfelt words about him. He said, he changed him and he loves him. Awww. Next, we see a scene that features Kevin and Sophie. He's seen, talking to her about how his brother had a nervous breakdown after she asks him to talk to her. Later, we see him, looking pretty tense after he's given the 5 minutes til showtime warning.

Some hugging good times

After that, we see a scene that features a nice, very cheesy hugging moment where they're talking about how they'll take care of each other and what not. Then there's a scene that features Jack and Rebecca. They just show us a brief clip of her, saying hi to him, but make no mistake that there's going to be some major tension, brewing up in that situation according to NBC's official synopsis for this episode.

Jack hits up the bar

Lastly, we see Jack, walking into a bar, and is greeted by a female bartender that asks if she could get him a drink. It seems innocent enough, but I'm sensing that whole scene vibe, if you will, is totally implying that something might get started up. I could be totally wrong, though. We'll have to wait and see.

Be sure to check it out, below.

As previously reported, we got an official synopsis from ABC. Some things that weren't shown in this clip, involves some dramatic stuff that will go down with Kate and Toby. Apparently, she's going have a really tough time, trying to open up to him. Also, it was revealed that Kevin and Sophie will get closer, so look for more scenes, involving them two to go down. We also reported that we're going to have to wait until March 7th, 2017 to see this one, because they're skipping next week for some reason. Stay tuned.