Hey, "The 100" fans. Welcome back to a brand new season 4! To get this party started, we've got the official, spoilery synopsis for episode 2 straight from The CW folks. Unfortunately, they didn't give us much, delivering only one storyline scoop for us to work with, but we'll make the most of it, I guess. It turns out that we're going to see some really heavy dramatics going on here as some choices are going to have to be made that could cost some people their lives, and more!

They labeled it well

Their press release also gave us intel on what they chose as a title for this installment.

It turns out, after much deliberation, I'm guessing. I mean, I wasn't really their during their decision-making process. Hell, it could've just taken 2 seconds for all I know, but anyways, they decided to name episode 2: "Heavy Lies the Crown." This is, no doubt, in reference to the really heavy choices that Bellamy and Clarke will have to make during this trying time.

Major pressure for these two

According to their official description, we learned that we're going to see Bellamy and Clarke, get caught up in a situation that's going to throw a lot of different challenges their way. They didn't go into detail about what these challenges will be, exactly, so we'll have to wait for this thing to air to find that out.

Here's what we do know, as they go on to tell us that these crazy-sounding challenges will actually cause these two to be forced to have to choose who is going to live and die! I don't know about you guys, but it doesn't get too much more serious than that.

They describe that Clarke and Bellamy will definitely have some heavy burdens, laid on their shoulders.

Unfortunately, it wasn't revealed exactly what situation they will actually get into that would cause such a jeopardizing situation, so that's going to be the big question that we're left with, here. One thing's for sure, we are going to get a whole lot of action, drama and suspense from these scenes.

Alright, guys. That's all that CW was willing to give up for this episode, but we're expecting them to definitely serve up a new promo/spoiler clip for episode 2 after episode 1 airs tonight.

Hopefully, it'll give us a little more insight as to what the hell is going to be taking place. In addition to today's synopsis, we also have some production credits to mention. Justine Juel Gillmer was responsible for pinning this script, while Ed Fraiman, directed this thing. We also got confirmation that the 2nd installment is due out next Wednesday night, February 8th, 2017 at 8pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.