The rumors have been flying that Ben Higgins and lauren bushnell have split. These two decided to put their wedding off, and lately, Lauren has been spending a lot of time without him. She has been posting pictures of vacations without Ben by her side, and everyone has been curious what is going on with them.

Are Ben and Lauren together or not?

The rumors were flying, and instead of Ben just ignoring them he went to his Instagram page and addressed these rumors. Ben Higgins posted a picture with Lauren where they are cuddled up to each other. Ben started out saying, "No need to respond often to rumors or "fake news" but the feeling I have in this picture is the same feeling I have for this girl today." He went on to explain that he knows that they are in a world where rumors are going to happen, but they aren't true.

It is great to hear that Ben and Lauren are still together and pushing through any issues they have had in the past.

Ben Higgins also talked about how he tomorrow is Lauren Bushnell's birthday, and he is excited to spend the day with her. It doesn't sound like he is trying to fake the fans out either. Ben just wants everyone to know that he is still in love and doing well with his fiance.The fans are responding to them, and everyone seems happy to hear that they are together.

At this time, Ben and Lauren won't be on television anymore. Their show wasn't actually canceled, but instead, the second season will focus on Haley and Emily Ferguson and their lives. Ben and Lauren are good friends with them, so they could end up showing up from time to time.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Hopefully, Ben and Lauren will show up on this series and give a few updates.

Are you happy to hear that Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are still together? Do you think that these two will end up getting married? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss watching Nick Viall as "The Bachelor" 2017 on Monday nights on ABC. Everyone is hoping Nick will find love this time around.