Recently, we got some official, new spoiler scoops in from the kind CW folks in regards to their upcoming "Arrow" episode 13 of season 5. There's some interesting things, happening with this one, too, as a very traumatic attack, sends Rene into a talespin of painful memories that reveal how he became the Wild Dog. We're also going to see Oliver use his mayor status to deal with this latest culprit, and more.

Rene gets a blast from the past

Here's what we have as a title for this thing. They've labeled it: " Spectre of the Gun." In the official synopsis, they started it off by putting in all-caps that "Wild Dog's history is revealed." So, we'll definitely be seeing a lot of focus get directed at that particular storyline.

From there, it goes on to elaborate that City Hall will become victim to an extreme attack that turns out to be very traumatic for Rene as it will cause him to trigger some very painful memories about his family.

Additionally, he'll experience flashback that will give us the big reveal about how he used to be a family man, and what caused him to become the "Wild Dog" hero he is today. What will happen to Rene after he experiences these memories? Will they affect his future performance? Unfortunately, they didn't elaborate on that, so it looks like we'll have to wait for this thing to air to find out that very significant intel.

Mayor Queen's got this

Next, we learn that Oliver is going to be quite busy, attempting to deal with whoever was responsible for the vicious attack.

However, he's going to realize that he must take a much different approach than what he's used to, to handle this culprit. And what will this unusual, new tactic be? Apparently, he's going to use his "Mayor Queen" persona to deal with it, instead of the usual Green Arrow antics. They didn't reveal how it will turn out, so it'll definitely be interesting see this new aspect comes into play.

Tension at the Arrow bunker

Finally, we've got this one last teaser, which involves the Arrow bunker. They tell us that things are most certainly not going to be on the up and up there, because tensions are going to be running extremely high. They didn't say exactly what is the cause of this great tension, so we're pretty much in the dark on that, but maybe we'll see something get given away in the new promo/spoiler clip that's expected to drop later on tonight after episode 12 wraps up.

Be sure to look out for that.

We also have some production credits to mention for this installment. It was written by Marc Guggenheim, and they had Kristin Windell come in to direct it. The press release also confirmed that we can be sure to look for episode 13 to air next Wednesday night, February 15th at 7pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.