Alright, so we recently got some new spoiler intel in from the NBC folks in reference to the upcoming "Grimm" episode 7 of season 6. They gave us a lot of intel for this one, too. Apparently, there's going to be some very shocking things to go down with Nick when he becomes the target of a vengeance plot that was created by a hotel employee! We're also going to see a familiar, dark force show up to give Claire a visit, and more.

It's just "Blind Love"

We were also given a title for this one. The producers came up with: "Blind Love" as a name. According to their official description, there's going to be a lot of love in the air for Monroe, because he's going to have a big birthday getaway at some point.

They started in all-caps to tell us that part, so we'll probably see a lot of scenes from that storyline. They went on to elaborate that Monroe is going to get surprised by Rosalee with this getaway extravaganza. Also, most of the gang is going to be invited to join them. So, it sounds like this will definitely be one of the lighter moments in this very dark episode.

Mad employee on the loose

Next, we learn that a very angry hotel employee is going to show up on the scene to give Nick all the crazy drama that he can handle as the employee delivers a very shocking situation while trying to carry out an extreme plot of vengeance for his father. Will this person get the best of Nick? Or will Nick be able to calm this fool down, or just take him out all together?

Those are some questions for this situation that should be interesting to see get answered. Maybe, we'll see some of this take place in the promo clip that should be releasing after episode 6 airs tonight. We'll see.

Possible, major trouble for Eve

Elsewhere, we're going to see a very serious situation go down with Eve when she gets a visit from, what they're calling, a dark force, at some point!

Not only is it dark, Eve will apparently know it from some point in her past as they tell us that this will be a force that she's seen before. What could it possibly be? And will it attack her? These are two burning questions that we have for this situation.

Renard and Diana aren't going to like this

Lastly, we got this final teaser reveal that involves Captain Renard and Diana.

It's revealed that these two are going to get their little weekend time together, rudely interrupted by a former ally that wants to carry out some revenge! They didn't give any details about who this person might be or what their revenge plans are, so we'll just have to wait patiently to see what goes down with that whole thing. Alright, so that brings us to our conclusion. Be sure to tune into NBC next Friday night, February 17th, 2017 to check this one out, and stay tuned.