It is almost time for filming to start on Season 5 of “The Bachelor Australia” and spoilers are teasing that a fan-favorite “Bachelorette Australia” contestant will be handing out roses. There has been one frontrunner in particular since the finale of Georgia Love's season and now various reports are emerging that seemingly confirm that this person has been picked. What's the latest scoop?

Is Matty J going from heartbroken to lead?

Matty J Johnson didn't get Georgia Love's final rose on “The Bachelorette Australia,” and many viewers were heartbroken for him.

Buzz immediately started swirling that he would very likely get the opportunity to become the "Bachelor Australia" 2017 lead and now reports are emerging indicating that indeed Matty J will be handing out roses next. According to KIIS 106.5, the gig has been offered to Johnson and the word is that he has taken a three-month leave from work that obviously would coincide nicely with filming.

Johnson, of course, cannot comment on the supposed “Bachelor Australia” spoilers that he's the 2017 lead, but many believe that all signs are pointing in that direction. As is the case with any lead, there are those who would prefer to see someone else handing out roses, but Matty J does seem to be the overwhelming favorite for the gig and that has been the case ever since Love left him heartbroken in the “Bachelorette finale.

All signs seem to point to Johnson for 'Bachelor'

This bachelor is still single and some think that his increased activity on social media sites like Instagram may be another sign that he's getting ready to become the focus of the 2017 season. As the Daily Mail details, former contestant Jake Ellis thinks that Johnson is the likely pick as well, although Jake notes that he'd be open to it as well.

Ellis says that he thinks that Matty deserves the opportunity and Johnson's edit certainly does lend itself well to transitioning him into this lead role.

Filming is slated to begin shortly so an official announcement should emerge sooner rather than later. Do you think the “Bachelor Australia” spoilers circulating that point to Matty “J” Johnson being the 2017 pick are accurate?