Hey, "Bachelor 2017" fans. I was able to track down a brand new preview clip for the upcoming Monday episode 8 for you guys, and it looks quite interesting as we see new footage of Nick and Raven, just looking as happy as they want to be when he visits her in her hometown of Hoxie, Arkansas. And you can really tell it's Arkansas too, because we see nothing but boondocks and mud. After watching this, you'll definitely start to think that Raven just might be the one.

He's so amazing

The new clip starts off showing us mud and dirt right from the jump as they had apparently parked out in some muddy outback area to, what appears to be, to just roll around in the stuff while they giggle it up.

If that wasn't the plan, then they did a bad job following whatever other plan they had in mind. Anyways, we saw some commentary from the two love birds. At one point, Raven told the private cams that she's never dated an amazing man like Nick, and she's never felt this way about anyone else before. "It's just easy, natural , and fun." From there, she went onto express even more seriousness by saying that her feelings are just getting stronger and stronger.

They've just scratched the surface

While this is happening, they also give us footage of them just totally getting dirty in that freaking mud. Is that sanitary? Who does that in real life? Geez. Anyways, they just looked happy as ever, but there's no doubt that they needed heavy shower after this get-together.

Next, we heard what Nick had to say, which pretty much echoed Raven's comments. He said, he and Raven have strong chemistry, and doesn't feel like they've even yet scratched the surface of what they're relationship could grow into. So, wow. Those are, indeed, some pretty strong words.

So much personality

He went on to say that she has more personality than you could ever imagine, and it's such a great feeling because it allows him to live in the moment and just have fun with a woman he couldn't be more excited about.

To cap this clip off, we have Nick, saying he couldn't wait to meet her family, and that he hopes to take a huge step forward in their relationship while carrying her through the mud. I still think the whole mud scene was staged by ABC, because I'm almost 99.9% sure that neither Nick or Raven were like, hey, lets go roll in the mud for our date. I just have to believe that wasn't the case. Anyways, this thing is airing this Monday night, February 20th at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.