Alright guys. We just located another spoilery clip for this week's upcoming "The Bachelor" episode 8 aka the Hometowns, and it looks quite interesting as one of the parents is spotted, telling Nick that he just can't give him his blessing. Then for some reason, ABC actually revealed that the mystery lady that shows up at Nick's door is none other than former Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman! If you'll recall, she was the first chick to turn him down after dragging him all the way to final 2.

No blessing

Now, unfortunately, this is the short version of the clip.

We actually found the longer, complete version on's site. However, we could not embed that one here, because this platform only allows for the embedding Youtube videos. With that said, we will give a description of everything that was shown in that clip. In this clip that we were able to embed (below), we see various clips of Nick, greeting each of his final four women in their hometowns, and everyone just looks so excited.

However, we quickly see one person that isn't so excited as one of the fathers is seen, telling Nick, he just can't give him his blessing! Uh oh! And Nick, obviously doesn't look very pleased at all. Next, the little short 15 second clip, caps off with them, showing us that it is, indeed, Andi, that shows up at Nick's hotel room!

She says, "Hello, Nick." She looks really good too. From what I've heard, she's actually just there to give him some advice, so don't expect anything too crazy to go down.

Rachel's mom asks the big question

In the clip that we couldn't embed here, we see more of footage of Nick's hometown dates. At one point, we see Nick, getting asked by Rachel Lindsay's mom if he's ever dated a black girl, because she's the African-American one, and someone's always got to make a big deal about skin color.

Anyways, they didn't show the response. It was just a brief clip of that.

Vanessa starts doubting

The clip also shows that Nick is not only going to have to talk to some of these ladies' parents, but also their freaking nannies too! Then, at one point, Vanessa is spotted, questioning whether her judgement is off, so it should be interesting to see how that whole thing plays out. So yeah. That was the only extra stuff that the other clip showed. Be sure to check this one out, below, and stay tuned.