Nick Viall goes on his first round of dates on Week 2, but not all 22 girls who remain will score a date with "The Bachelor." The second episode of the season airs on January 9 and despite the excitement over getting a date card, the girls will have the rose ceremony on their minds — Nick will eliminate four girls on Monday night.

One lucky lady will be the envy of all the girls in the mansion and go on the first one-on-one date with Nick, but there are two group date cards up for grabs as a consolation prize.

However, spoilers point to three girls losing out on all of the fun this week — Rachel, Whitney, and Dominique don't have a date during the second episode of "The Bachelor" and are stuck at the mansion while the other contestants get to spend time with Nick.

First date, second chances

Contestant Danielle Maltby, a neonatal nurse who lives in Nashville, is picked for the one-on-one date on Week 2. Unfortunately, she has a sad story to tell Nick. Danielle's ABC bio reveals that she was once engaged to be married but her fiancé died, so she's definitely going to bring an emotional aspect to the date.

It's not clear if Nick is her first date since her fiancé died, but spoilers reveal that she must have impressed Nick during their time together. According to Reality Steve, they go on a boat ride (more like a yacht!) in nearby Newport Beach and wrap up their day with a make-out session during a ferris wheel ride at the Balboa Fun Zone. Spoilers point to Danielle getting a rose, so she's safe for another week.

Time will tell if coming on the show for a second chance at finding love is a good idea.

Brides and breakups

There are two group dates during Week 2 and if you thought the "Bachelor" season premiere was on the tame side, don't worry — the drama will begin during the group dates.

The first group date (12 girls) is a wedding photo shoot where some of the girls will wear wedding gowns and others will be have to put on bridesmaid dresses.

Corinne Olympios gets to be one of the brides and will do something that will get everyone talking. Reality Steve states that Corinne takes her top off during the date and uses Nick's hands to cover her up. Apparently he's impressed with her topless bridal-wear and gives her the group date rose.

The other group date takes place at the Museum of Broken Relationships (6 girls) and fans who saw Nick get slapped by Josephine in the "Bachelor" preview video (check it out below) will see that it's just part of the date.

The girls had to act out a breakup in front of an audience and apparently slapping Nick was just part of Josephine's performance. However, the slap doesn't earn her a group date rose — that goes to Christen instead.

Who goes home at the Week 2 rose ceremony?

Four girls are eliminated on the second episode of the season, but one won't even make it to the rose ceremony. Nick sends contestant Liz Sandoz home during the museum group date after Christen tells him that Liz spilled the beans about her one-night stand with Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding. It appears that Nick wasn't all that thrilled that she shared the details of their fling with the other girls.

During the rose ceremony, Nick sends three girls home — Elizabeth W., Hailey Merk, and Lacey Mark.

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