Contestant Corinne Olympios is going to create quite a buzz on Nick Viall's season of "The Bachelor" and fans can expect the 24-year-old Florida business owner to stir up plenty of drama starting with the January 2 premiere as the season's villain, because there always has to be a bad girl on ABC's popular reality series.

So, who is Corinne and how far does she make it with Nick Viall? Here's the scoop on the blonde beauty who will be one of the most talked about contestants on the 21st season of "The Bachelor." According to Reality Steve, Corinne won't just be a villain this season, she will also be pegged as a “spoiled brat” after admitting that at 24 she still has a nanny.

She reportedly helps run her family's multi-million dollar business in Florida but is treated like a princess with her nanny taking care of her every need.

Corinne comes on strong

In the ABC's preview (below) for Nick's season of "The Bachelor," fans will see Corinne making a beeline for Nick's hotel room. She plans to seduce the 36-year-old former software salesman and thinks that may be the way to his heart. Perhaps she watched Nick on Kaitlyn's season and thought she could recreate that steamy bedroom scene they had – complete with a camera crew outside the door.

However, spoilers indicate that Nick doesn't think it's such a good idea and, after letting her in his room to talk, he rejects her advances.

Although fans may think that Corinne has her way with Nick, Reality Steve is certain that they do not hook-up in Nick's hotel room that night.

Does Corinne make it to the Fantasy Suite dates?

Nick Viall will offer three ladies a key to the Fantasy Suite later in the season, and with Corinne's interest in spending time in bed with Nick, she probably wouldn't turn down a chance for an overnight date with "The Bachelor" star.

Although she will make it through a two-on-one date (Episode 5) and to two tropical destinations with Nick (St. Thomas and the Bahamas in Episodes 6 and 7), Nick will say goodbye to Corinne Olympios after the Episode 8 hometown dates.

Although she doesn't get the final rose from Nick Viall, there is no doubt that producers have Corinne on their "must-have" list for the next season of "Bachelor in Paradise."

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