Hey, "Bachelor 2017" fans. We got some new, very revealing spoiler dish from our trusty source, Reality Steve. This time, we'll be going over the new episode 7, and it sounds pretty wild as we're going to see some major fight action, go down between Jennifer and Rachel towards the end, and Nick isn't even going to wait for the rose ceremony ,again, to get rid of two very unlucky ladies, and more!

Boat fun for the 1 on 1

In the new episode 7, we're going to see the action go to the Bimini, Bahamas where Nick will eventually whittle down his final 6 ladies to the final 4!

They're going to start it off by giving us footage of his 1 on 1 date with Vanessa Grimaldi, which took place back on October 23rd, 2016. They ended up, taking a boat ride and engaged in some snorkeling activities at one point. They also did a little making out on top of the boat, so it sounds like things went quite well for them. That's all the intel that Steve gave out for that, but we assume she got an early rose out of it.

Raven stepped her game up

Next up, we've got some group date footage. We'll be seeing Corinne, Raven and Kristina out and about on this one. There were no specific details given about how this date went, but Steve did let us know that Raven ended up, getting the early group date rose, sealing in her spot for the hometown dates episode.

Oh, he did mention that the girls went swimming with sharks at some point on this group date, so that should provide some interesting footage, I guess.

Poor Dani just didn't cut it

After all that, we're going to see another 1 on 1 date with Danielle Maltby, take place. This one occurred on October 25th, 2016. They ended up, going on a little bike-riding trip around the town, and also walked around with some of the locals that were in the area.

Apparently, this date actually didn't go too well, because Nick decided to give her the boot, and Steve tells us that poor Dani took it really hard too! That should provide a pretty dramatic scene.

A couple of drinks

From there, they're going to show us yet another 1 on 1 date. This time, Rachel Lindsay is going to be the main attraction.

This one happened back on October 26th, 2016. They went to a dive bar that was located in the town, and had a few drinks. No other details were given about that outing.

The big battle is on!

Steve also made the correction, telling us that this is actually the episode where Corinne tries to have sex with Nick and not when they were in St. Thomas. Nick turns her down for whatever reason, so that's interesting. We also have a mention of a very intense fight that goes down between Rachel and Vanessa ,at one point, during this installment! I think it gets physical too, because he said they throw barbs at each other or something. Apparently, this was the most talked about fight of this season, so look for it to get pretty shocking.

It's time for you to go Kristina

Finally, the episode will come to a close with what was supposed to be a Rose Ceremony. However, it never happened, because Nick decided to just go ahead and cancel it by going to the girl's room and telling Kristina she's the one to go this time. Awww, poor Kristina. And that'll leave him with just the 4 final girls: Vanessa, Corinne, Rachel and Raven for his hometown dates. Stay tuned.