Hey, "Bachelor 2017" fans. ABC delivered up some major, spoilery goodness, last night, with this brand new promo/spoiler clip (below) for the upcoming episodes 10 and 11 that reveals we'll be seeing the 2nd half of the fantasy suite dates go down. And then in that last hour, they're going to air the full "Women Tell All" special that looks extremely dramatic as they're going to revisit the whole Corinne and Taylor battle for a second round of fireworks, and more!

It could seal the deal

In the new clip, it starts out showing us new footage of Nick and Raven, doing their whole romantic date thing.

Raven is spotted, telling the private cams that she thinks the fantasy date could seal the deal for their relationship. She feels butterflies when she's with Nick. It shows footage of them kissing at this point. She goes onto to say that ,tonight, will be the biggest night of her life that she'll remember forever.

Rachel struggles

Next, it's revealed that episode 10 is going to give us a special three, freaking hours of footage! They show scenes that feature Nick and Rachel on their very wintery date. They're seen, playing with a couple of animals and so forth. We also get a glimpse of Vanessa's snowy time with Nick. She's spotted, greeting him with a great, big hug to start off their date. We've got footage of Rachel, possibly struggling to get past her fears.

They point out that she hasn't told Nick she loves him yet.

Nick and Vanessa scenes

Things will get steamier with Nick and Vanessa, and she tells the cams that she definitely needs to know where his heart is at, and that she's frightened as well. They're also seen, getting into a hot tub that's located outside in the snow, so that looks pretty interesting.

There's a moment where Nick tells Vanessa, he's not traditional ,at all, and her reaction to that, looks interesting. After all the vague date footage, we're shown footage of Nick, getting ready to hand out the rose and really make some unlucky lady really upset.

The rejects are back and riled up

From there, it's revealed that they're also going to show the special "Women Tell All" episode in that last hour, which is why this thing is going to last three, freaking hours.

They show scenes of all the rejects, back in action, especially Corinne. And some of them seem really pissed at Nick! They say, we're going to see round 2 of Corinne vs. Taylor. At one point, Corinne says she's going to punch her in the face. We don't think that's actually going to happen, but that's the level of anger she feels for her. The beautiful Kristina will also be back to confront Nick. It looks real interesting. Be sure to check out the new clip, below, and stay tuned.