Hey, "Pretty Little Liars" fans. Recently, Freeform finally gave us some new promo and sneak peek clips (below) for the upcoming episode 11 of the current and supposedly last season 7 of your favorite show, which is labeled: "Playtime." They look pretty wild and intriguing as the girls are seen, getting a new "It's Playtime" note from A.D., and they just can't believe it! Hanna is seen, totally losing her cool at one point. Spencer gets really pissed off too. Mona's back and she looks intense as hell, and more!

Aria wants out

The first three clips are a series of regular promos that show us things that will be going on in various scenes.

Then the 4th one is going to give us a look at a solo scene. In the first clip, we see them, confirming that the end of the show is finally near. Then there's a scene that shows, what appears to be, Spencer, getting rolled around on a hospital bed, and things don't look good at all. After that, we're shown a series of different scenes that look pretty damn intense. We've got a couple of people, holding knives in their hands. One of them, includes Hanna. Aria is spotted, saying she wants out! The clip closes out with the girls, saying, whatever the hell that's been messing with them, wants to play with them. It looks pretty wild.

Spencer's ticked off

In the 2nd promo, we get a couple of new scenes.

At one point, Spencer is spotted, heavily ticked off, telling someone they've ruined everything she's ever had, so that should be very dramatic. Aria is spotted, getting wickedly spooked by something she sees in a trunk of a car. The clip closes out, giving us more knife scenes, and it looks like somebody or something will definitely get stabbed with one of those got damn knives.

Oh, and we also see Aria being told there are some things that can't be forgiven.

Mona is seriously intense

In the 3rd clip, we see some new footage of Mona back in action, preaching to someone that we're not really in control even though we swim around in this fish bowl like we are. That's so deep. Yes, very deep. She goes on to say that there's always been someone watching and manipulating what goes on.

After that, we see Hanna, flipping her wig, saying her life has been wrecked and that it's not going to be ok! The clip closes out with the girls trying to stack stuff up against a door, so whatever is after them, can't get in. It looks pretty wild.

A big, scary present

Finally, in the 4th clip, the girls are spotted, showing Aria the newest present they got. They, first, give her the accompanying card, which reads: "It's playtime" A.D. She absolutely cannot believe it, saying that Noel and Jenna are dead. From there, Hanna and Alison, say that there must be somebody else out there that's trying to play games with them. The clip closes out with them about to open the big gift. Uh Oh! Be sure to check the new clips , below, and stay tuned. Episode 11 is set to show up on Tuesday night, April 18th, 2017 on Freeform.