"Gary From Chicago" is the man from the tour bus who was first in line to enter the Dolby Theater Sunday night at the 89th Academy Awards. Jimmy Kimmel invited a tour bus load of unsuspecting tourists to come into the theater to meet the celebrities. Since then, people have been talking about "Gary From Chicago" whose real name is Gary Alan Coe. The 59-year-old tourist is engaged to Vickie Vines, who was also in the group.

Gary had just been released from prison on Friday. He had spent 20 years in prison for stealing a bottle of perfume in 1997.

Gary and Vickie told Jimmy they are getting married in July. When Gary and his Vickie entered the theater, host Jimmy Kimmel immediately introduced them to stars including Nicole Kidman, Octavia Spencer, Ryan Gosling, Meryl Streep, and Emma Stone.

Gary's public defender

Reporters did not have to dig up information about Gary's past because his public defender provided the details on Facebook. According to Karen Nash, Gary received a life sentence, but she worked hard on his case to get him released after 20 years for stealing a bottle of perfume.

Gary had felonies charges against him in California. It turns out he is a registered sex offender and was imprisoned in 1975 for attempted rape when he was a teenager.

Gary called the Chicago Tribune on Monday and explained how he happened to go to the Oscars. He said he and Vickie were walking down Hollywood Boulevard holding hands when the driver of Starline Tours offered them a free tour along with about a dozen other passengers.

Offers for Gary

People seemed to have loved Gary's personality and thought he was a lucky man to meet celebrities.

He got to hold Mahershala Ali's Oscar. Offers of free stuff immediately started rolling in for him and Vickie. The Chicago Bulls invited them to a game. A Chicago pizza place invited them over for free pizza.

According to Facebook, people are offering him gifts, including things for his wedding. He has been invited to make public appearances in spite of his past.

Someone who works for the "Steve Harvey" show wants him to appear. It is ironic that his scheduled appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Monday night was cancelled.

Chicago-based jewelry store, Rogers & Hollands offered Gary and Vickie wedding bands. Julian Franco Photography Services offered them a free wedding ceremony. Even though Gary and Vickie were married in a mock ceremony by Denzel Washington, "Black-ish" star Anthony Anderson offered to marry them for real since he is ordained to do so.