Did Sheriff David Clark just swat at Michelle Obama with a selfie he posted about Donald Trump? You bet he did. It's apparent he is not a fan of Michelle Obama or her husband, the former president of the nation, Barack Obama.

It is hard to forget one of Donald Trump's most adamant supporters, Milwaukee's own Sheriff David Clark. He is not shy about sharing the fact that he supports Trump. With that said, Sheriff Clark is not at all shy about sharing his disdain for the previous president and quite possibly the politics of his wife, Michelle Obama.

People are still talking about Michelle Obama not hiding how uncomfortable she was at Trump's inauguration. The many different facial grimaces and looks of sheer boredom coming from Michelle Obama was talked about for weeks and it is still a topic of conversation today, according to News One.

Michelle Obama's look of disdain

News One describes Michelle's look of disdain during the inauguration as the look of a "Black woman who’d had enough trying to pretend the corroded lemons in front of her could be turned into lemonade."

If you think about it, Michelle Obama started life off in the White House with pretty much the same mindset, not for her husband, but for the rest of the nation. That's were Sheriff Clark comes in.

Obama pride

Michelle's now famous quote as the new first lady back in March of 2008 gave Americans an insight into her mind set that many didn't like. Michelle said, "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback."

Apparently the nation was nothing until they put her husband at the helm.

Many took these revealing words as Michelle having a sense of hostility toward the country we all live in. One of those people who never forgot Michelle's words and who wants to elaborate on them a bit is Sheriff Clark, reports The Blaze.

Those words come back to haunt her

In a recent posted selfie, Clark threw those words right back at Michelle Obama, but twisted them so he could get his thoughts across to the former first lady.

Sheriff Clark's post is seen below.

Clark also shared how he deals with people in general who approach him on his "Trump - Make America Great Again" hat. He shared his reply to one woman in the tweet below.

It looks like Sheriff Clark is at the ready to defend his support for the nation's new president, Donald Trump. As you can tell by his first tweet, he doesn't care who it is. He'd just as soon bark back at Michelle Obama as he would at the guy on the street!