Amy Duggar King promised an abuse tell-all on "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" but not everyone believes her story. The Duggar cousin finally named her abuser on the reality television show but it wasn't who folks expected. King also got backlash from her grandma who says the "19 Kids and Counting" celebrity is lying and made up the abuse drama to get attention.

Amy Duggar abuse story titillates

Amy isn't your average Duggar as seen in "Counting On." Her story isn't the fairytale romance of cousins Jessa Seewald, Jill Dillard or Jinger Duggar Vuolo.

Duggar and Dillon King have been married only a short time but already the marriage is on the rocks. The Reality TV stars took it to WEtv "Marriage Boot Camp" to try and iron things out. Amy teased an abuse reveal in the next season. She wouldn't say who or all of what happened, only that it was a family member. That got Duggar fans speculating as it may have been intended to. Was this another sex scandal involving child molester Josh Duggar?

Amy Duggar accuses father

When Duggar-King dropped her bombshell, fans assumed she was talking about her husband Dillon King or someone in the "19 Kids and Counting" family. The couple shared stories of domestic violence between them, but it was her hitting him rather than the other way around.

Then the reality television star said it was her dad Terry Jordan who choked her and lifted her to the ceiling. Amy Duggar King tearfully described being called "every name in the book." Dad tried to run her over with the car and Amy says she was scared "sh-tless." The WEtv "Marriage Boot Camp" therapist says Duggar fakes having a happy, normal life and blocks out trauma.

Grandma pooh-pooh's Duggar's story

Lenora Jordan isn't buying her granddaughter's tale of abuse. She says Duggar-King made it up for a storyline. The young woman appeared regularly on her famous cousins' reality TV show "19 Kids and Counting." When the oldest son's sexual molestation scandal came out, the show was canceled. Now Amy doesn't appear on the new "Counting On." She says her aunt and uncle, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, won't let her see the family.

She hints it's because she's honest and not perfect. But Grandma Jordan suggests that the reality TV star is making up drama to keep her own television career going. It was even hinted that she cashed in on the famous names of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to keep eyes on her.