According to legal documents obtained by The Wrap, Jackson family matriarch katherine jackson is alleging ongoing elderly abuse at the hands of her nephew Trent Lamar Jackson. The 86-year-old mother of late music icon Michael Jackson, has obtained a restraining order against Trent Jackson and says that his daughter and other relatives have also witnessed his mistreatment of her. Mrs. Jackson further states that years of emotional and mental abuse left her confused and in constant fear. She also claims her nephew has helped himself to her credit cards and bank accounts without permission and assigned himself as core custodian in order to control her every single move.

Elderly abuse is real for any family, from all walks of life

The documents read that Trent’s calculated and deliberate actions included years of manipulating Mrs. Jackson in order to live rent-free in a guest house, take control of her finances and keep the mother of nine estranged from her children. The papers also claim she is afraid of how Trent Jackson will react to being terminated as her driver. Per a judge’s restraining order, the nephew has been ordered to stay out of her gated community, keep a distance of 100 yards away from her, return all property related keys, passwords and combinations and cease using Mrs. Jackson’s bank accounts and credit cards. A March 1st hearing has been set.

Where there is loads of money, there is loads of family drama

Trent, who is Mrs. Jackson’s nephew by marriage, is described by Mrs. Jackson as an abusive con-man. She says she had tried fire him and ordered him off the premises before, but the younger Jackson refused to comply. Currently, Katherine Jackson is in London visiting her pop superstar daughter Janet, who recently gave birth to baby boy.

Mrs. Jackson said she is afraid to go home and fears Trent could inflict physical harm on her. Thankfully, at least, a judge has granted a restraining order and ordered him out of the home. There is no word yet as to what other family members have to say about the matter.