Mariah Carey deliberated threw her $250,000 custom designed Valentino wedding dress into a pit of fire. It was the dress she had been fitted for when she thought she was going to marry billionaire James Packer. The wasteful act is clearly seen in Carey's latest musical video, "I Don't." She says of all the videos she has filmed, this one is her favorite.

Wedding gown

It was reported that the dress was the real deal and not a prop. It was the actual dress she was going to wear down the aisle in her wedding, but last October the wedding was called off.

She was fitted for the gown with repeated visits to the designer on her show "Mariah's World." As the dress was burning, Carey dances around the fire and continues to sing in the video.

Message behind burning the dress

Why would someone torch such an expensive wedding dress? Mariah admitted that burning the dress and the lyrics to the song were inspired by her breakup with Packer and the cancellation of their Bora Bora wedding.

Some people said it was a waste and suggested that she could have donated the dress to charity if she didn't want it around. Others said that was the diva's style of sending a harsh and expensive message to the man she once thought she was going to marry. The video was filmed at the mansion the couple used to share in Calabasas.

Burning the dress and singing harsh words in reference to Packer might backfire for the singer. People on social media think it was rather childish of the 46-year-old iconic singer. Taking aim at an ex-lover in public by burning an expressive dress might turn some people off.

That act just might cost her in the long run when fans refuse to purchase her video.

Burning the dress and singing about her breakup with Packer can be seen as bringing closure to their relationship. However, even before the filming of the video, Mariah had moved on with a new relationship. Her new boyfriend is Bryan Tanaka who was one of her backing dancers.

The 33-year-old dancer was recently promoted to be her creative director.

So far, there has been no comment from Packer about the video his ex-fiancée has made. What do you think about the video of Mariah burning the wedding dress?