The last season of The Vampire Diaries is raging with emotion for long time viewers. The show has answered some questions, but leaves more to be cleared up. We've seen familiar faces come back, making fans hopeful to see their favorites back in the action one last time.

The Vampire Diaries questions

When Elena consumed the cure in season 6, fans were left with questions as to what would happen next. After all the waiting, the questions are being answered at last. Seeing Stefan go from a ripper to a human is a huge change, making victims remember him for his vampire self.

Caroline helps Matt in cleaning up the mess, but with no words from Mystic Falls residents after being compelled, could vervain or a even side effect of the cure cause an inability to be compelled?

We learn that Bonnie has created her own world for the souls of people she cares for, thanks to Cade and his search for Enzo. She is briefly reunited with her love who warns her not to trust the devil. We'd hope that she already knew that, but the fact that she went to him in the first place is discouraging. Although that is where Enzo's soul is, could the new world hold souls of past characters? Will the new world be anything like the other side?

Returning Vampire Diaries cast members

Fans were eager to see who was coming back to say goodbye to the show.

Tyler came into the series finale and was quickly killed by Stefan. In episode 10 fans were reintroduced to favorites through Damon's mind, including Matt's sister Vicki, and Bonnie's Grams. In the same episode, an emotional reunion occurred when Caroline got to see her mom again. Although the moment was only a figment of Damon's imagination, the warmth it brought to the hearts of fans was very real.

Fans hoping to see Elena return now know that she will, and are left waiting for that moment. We can only wonder how she will take the changes when she wakes up. With all the time passed, A lot has changed. Thanks to her friends writing to her, Elena will probably be pretty busy reading all the letters that accumulated. Stephen R.

McQueen, aka Jeremy, has also been confirmed to return for the final season, making hopeful fans very happy.

The Vampire Diaries has proven to be a show dedicated to fans. The sad closing of the series has been full of ups and downs, with an ending sure to be full of emotion as the final episodes air.