Popular South Indian actress Bhavana, was abducted and molested on the night of February 17, 2017, The incident happened when the actress was traveling from Thrissur to Kochin. The abductors later released the star, and soon, Bhavana filed a complaint at the Nedumbasserry Police Station. Police have now registered cases under sections of molestation and kidnapping.

As per the Police officials, Bhavana was held hostage for three hours, and finally, she somehow managed to reach the home of actor-director Lal. In a recent talk with the Press, Lal told that he cannot divulge more details about the incident, as it would hamper the investigation.

The gang had faked an accident with her car at a traffic signal and managed to enter her car

Three people arrested, manhunt going on for 'Pulsar Sunil'

Investigation officers have already arrested Bhavana's driver Martin, and two of his friends on Saturday. The kingpin behind this case is touted to be "Pulsar Sunil," an affluent celebrity driver who has previously worked with Mollywood stars including Mukesh (MLA) and Bhavana.

"Pulsar Sunil" has a track record of various blackmailing cases, but many celebrities refused to file a complaint against him fearing of possible defamation.

In most of the times, Sunil used to capture semi-nude photos of the celebrities, and he has followed the same modus-operandi in Bhavana's case too.

Bhavana has clearly mentioned in the complaint that "Pulsar Sunil" has forcefully captured photos of the actress that are are capable of spoiling her modesty.

Menaka Suresh Kumar escaped from the clutches of Sunil five years back

Suresh Kumar, the renowned Mollywood producer and father of actress Keerthi Suresh made a shocking revelation on People TV yesterday.

Suresh revealed that "Pulsar Sunil" has tried to kidnap his wife Menaka in 2012. Suresh also told that he had filed a complaint against him, but Police failed to bring Sunil under the law.

Bhavana, due to her spats with a particular group of Malayalam actors was not going through the nicest patches of her career, as the opposite group had scuttled some good roles that were offered to her. She is now busy with the filming of "Honey Bee 2" which has Asif Ali and Lal in lead roles.