"The Walking Dead" season 7B began with Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) packing up Alexandria's food and tools. After loading it into the trunk of a car, he left the gated community. Where did he go, who was in the car with him, and how is this important to the series? The latest "TWD" spoilers for episode 10 reveal that the character returns at an interesting and important time.

'TWD' 7x10 synopsis

The episode description for tonight's installment of "The Walking Dead" was released by AMC networks. It states that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) will be dealing with a new community.

This group of people is unlike anyone the Alexandrians have ever met before. What isn't noted is that a missing member of the group will resurface.

Junkyard community

Surrounded by the junkyard community, Rick and the others are in danger. These are not people who are interested in being allies. However, instead of feeling frightened, Rick is thinking about how they could win the war if these people would join the fight.

Rick Grimes is saved

According to an advance preview published by "TV Geek Talk," Rick's group begins to get in a fight with the junkyard community. The report states that Grimes is saved by Father Gabriel, who negotiates with the leader of the mysterious group. Rick might have been saved, but he will still have to battle a terrifying armor-clad walker and "prove" himself.

Will Father Gabriel die in 'The Walking Dead?'

Seth Gilliam's character has evolved quite a bit in "TWD." He used to be cowardly and terrified of anything that moved. He could not be counted on and was a liability. However, last season that changed. He began helping take care of baby Judith and fought some walkers. Sometimes, when a character transforms so much, that might mean their death is coming.

That doesn't mean that Father Gabriel will die in "The Walking Dead." However, there is a possibility of it happening.

What do you think of Father Gabriel in "The Walking Dead?" Are you surprised he saves Rick Grimes? Does him playing hero mean that he will die in season 7?