"The Walking Dead" series on AMC has a rather impressively diverse group of fans. Among those fans are plenty of major league baseball players who are getting a brand new toy to play with this spring training. Lucille, the bat that is rather iconic in both the comic and the series, because it takes several lives in the most gruesome of ways is finding its ways into the hands of a couple of players. Not surprisingly, those players have had plenty of fun showing off their new toys, even if the "real" version is a stone cold killer.

AMC knows how to promote 'The Walking Dead'

One thing you can never question when it comes to the network is that they know how to market their products. The Lucille bats, that are tied to "The Walking Dead" are not being asked for by the players, rather they are being sent to major league players who the network has determined might be fans of the show. The special bat is an unassuming Louisville Slugger that the series' villain Negan has transformed into a power weapon. By wrapping the bat in barbed wire, Negan has also given his own favorite toy a devastating look that is certainly iconic in the world of "The Walking Dead".

Lucille is popping up everywhere among 'The Walking Dead' fans

Now that spring training has started, there are a couple of players from all over the league who are showing off their new keepsake from "The Walking Dead".

A quick peek at Twitter shows players like Kansas City Royals' catcher Salvador Perez showing off his new toy. Other players got the same thing, and even Brett Harper took his version of Lucille out to the batting cages. It's pretty clear the players are loving the idea of having this iconic tool, which is certainly tied to their sport in their hands.

The fact that this tool from "The Walking Dead" tended to be one that took lives is being ignored because, honestly it isn't real. What is real is that other players like the Tigers' JD Martinez and New York Mets player Jose Reyes have gotten one of their own as well. It might only be a matter of time until there's one of these special bats on every team.