Elvis Presley was considered by many the King of Rock and Roll. Since his untimely passing August 16, 1977, at the relatively young age of 42, fans have always closely followed the life of his ex-wife Priscilla Presley. Though Elvis was said to have had flings with many of his co-stars, Priscilla was the only woman he made his wife. And the world immediately fell in love with their adorable baby girl, and Presley’s only heir, lisa marie presley.

Lisa Marie says estranged husband was into child porn

Unfortunately, Lisa Marie Presley’s life is not quite so adorable at the moment.

After several divorces, including a failed marriage with the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie thought she’d finally found true love with her fourth husband Michael Lockwood. It was evidently not meant to be, and the couple separated in June 2016. Although Lisa Marie has two other children from a previous marriage, she and Lockwood have eight -year-old twin girls.

Amidst blockbuster news that the twins had been whisked away by foster care due to Lockwood’s facing allegations of child abuse, the twins’ grandmother jumped in to set the record straight. According to an article that was published today in Us Weekly, Priscilla explained on her Facebook page that there is absolutely no truth to the rumors that the girls have been placed in foster care and she added, “nor will they ever be”.

She said that the children are with her right now and have been for some time as Lisa Marie and Lockwood are in the throes of a nasty divorce battle. Priscilla is doing her best to protect the girls from the fallout, and said they are doing okay. She thanked her followers for their continued comfort and support.

Lisa Marie claims she was the one who found the photographs Lockwood tried to hide

The rumors about the twins being taken into foster care sprang up when Lisa Marie hurled child abuse allegations against Michael Lockwood during the bitter divorce and custody proceedings. In public court documents Lisa Marie alleged that Lockwood’s computer was filled with sordid images of young children in all kinds of sexually suggestive positions.

She said that when she found the pictures on Lockwood’s device, she was “shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach”. Lockwood, 59, has denied any wrongdoing. In the meantime, Us Weekly has confirmed through the Beverly Hills Police Department that the child abuse allegations against Lockwood is still an active investigation.