lisa marie presley fans continue to be at a loss when it comes to the shocking Presley family abuse allegations that are exploding surrounding what is turning out to be one nastiest celebrity divorces of all times. If you thought Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce was bad, think again. Lisa Marie and Michael Lockwood's divorce is one for the record books.

Presley family secrets to coming out?

So far there the Lisa Marie Presley divorce has been full of controversy and nastiness spewing daily. Every day, there is some new, sick, and hateful twist involving each and every Presley family member.

As previously reported, news broke last week revealing that Lisa Marie's twin daughters Harper and Finley, 8, were taken into protective custody after new information revealed by Lisa in divorce documents gave reason to believe the young girls "could potentially" be in a dangerous situation. Court docs reveal that Lisa Marie stated that she was very alarmed after finding "disturbing images" of her two daughters on a personal computer owned by her estranged husband, Michael Lockwood.

Brangelina's divorce looks like a picnic compared to Lisa Marie Presley case

One bit of info that has fans even more confused is that the girls were taken from not only Lockwood but from Lisa Marie as well. Now fans are wondering just what is really going on?

As we are well aware of, last summer, after Lisa filed for divorce she checked herself into a rehab center for help with a prescription pill addiction.If Lisa is still battling her addiction, this could be why the girls are not with her.

The said divorce has since taken an ugly turn. Michael claims that he was treated "unfairly" by Lisa Marie, and he also claims that Lisa was never honest with him about the couple's finances, namely her billions of Elvis Presley dollars.

Lisa has a view on this subject. Lisa claims Michael blew through her money like water, spending cash behind her back and without approval. She also claims he did very little to earn money for the family. Now, because of him she is broke.

The case concerning the welfare of the twins is set to go before a judge in March. For now, at least, Lisa's mom has finally stepped up and is taking care of her grandchildren.

According to People, Priscilla claims the twins were never taken into foster care, but have been with her since the start of the current situation, and will remain with her until things are worked out.

Reports from several celebrity news outlets such as Radar Online and LA Times state that the Presley/Lockwood divorce settlement will not likely happen anytime soon. It appears that there is so much hate and bitterness between Lisa and Michael that they are both willing to fight to the death to win, even if it means destroying each other along the way.