Tabloids have had a field day with rumors that Janet Jackson had a secret daughter with her ex-husband James DeBarge 30 years ago. Etterlene Debarge – Janet’s former mother-in-law – claims to have evidence which can prove there is, in fact, a secret daughter.

The singer recently gave birth to her alleged first child

As those who follow Janet Jackson known, the singer gave birth to her son in January – who she alleged is her first and only child. While she was pregnant – and after giving birth – tabloids took it as another opportunity to slam Janet with rumors that her son was not actually her first child.

Per the celebrity rumors, the singer was alleged to have given birth to a daughter roughly 31 years ago while she was with James DeBarge.

Her mother-in-law will tell all during an interview with 'Inside Edition'

During an exclusive interview with Inside Edition, Etterlene DeBarge opened up about a conversation she remembered having with her former daughter-in-law 30 years ago when she would have been pregnant with her secret daughter.

Janet’s former mother-in-law was asked whether she inquired if Jackson was pregnant. Etterlene DeBarge claims she did not have to ask her daughter-in-law if she was pregnant because she knew she was pregnant. She claimed the singer just laughed off the conversation.

While the singer never admitted to being pregnant – she never denied it either.

Over the years, Etterlene DeBarge was contacted by many different women who claimed to be her secret granddaughter in response to the rumors. There was one woman from Philadelphia, however, who was more believable than anyone else and happened to be the right age.

Could this be the secret daughter of Jackson? Was her ex-husband telling the truth when he claimed a secret daughter existed?

DeBarge talked the mysterious woman into a DNA test. The results of the test concluded this woman had a 96.7 percent probability of being the daughter of Janet Jackson.

Inside Edition has attempted to reach out to Janet Jackson for a comment regarding her former mother-in-law claiming to have undeniable proof she has a secret daughter. The singer, however, has not responded to the request for a comment. Could Janet Jackson really have secretly giving birth three decades ago?