There have been a lot of rumors flying that lauren bushnell and Ben Higgins might be over. She has been spending a lot of time without him. Yesterday, Ben went to his Instagram page and wanted everyone to know that they are still together. According to him, everything is fine between them.

What is going on with Ben and Lauren now?

Now Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are spending her birthday apart. This has everyone wondering what is going on with them. She is actually in Mexico and Ben isn't with her. She is at the Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita, Mexico and her family is with her, but Ben isn't anywhere to be seen.

Lauren posted a picture of herself in a swimsuit and thanked everyone for the birthday wishes. She mentioned that the only thing missing was Ben Higgins, but she didn't say where he was at or anything about him not being there other than that he was missing. The fans would love to hear where Ben is at and why he didn't go on the trip with them.

Ben Higgins did go to Twitter and wish her a happy birthday, but he also didn't say why he didn't go. He could be busy with work, but the fans really want to know the details. So far, Ben hasn't posted anything on Instagram since he shared that they were still together.

Couples in the franchise have been known to pretend that all is well when they are really still having issues.

If Ben and Lauren are on the outs, they aren't ready to tell the fans about it just yet and seem to want to wait. They may be trying to decide what is going on with them or if they are going to work it out. Hopefully, Ben and Lauren are doing great and he just had to miss out due to a prior obligation.

Are you shocked to hear that Ben Higgins isn't spending Lauren Bushnell's birthday with her in Mexico?

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