Super Bowl LI was as exciting as it could get and Lady Gaga brought her game as well. Her epic performance was one for the record books just as the football game was as everyone on social media agreed that she put on an amazing halftime show on Sunday night. She worked hard to perfect it, and she nailed it. She was so thrilled with how it all came together that she was caught breaking down in tears when it was all over.

Everyone went gaga

There was no shortage of favorable compliments over Lady Gaga’s halftime performance. Twitter was going crazy as football fans had nothing but praise for the blond singer.

Even those who aren’t huge fans of hers were taking to social media to sing her praises. She seemed to have put everything she had into the show. So much so that after she had made her exit from the stage, a source told E! News that she burst into tears, but that was because she was so happy and relieved that everything went as planned and even better than expected.

For those that may not have caught her show, Lady Gaga went all out with epic jumps, trapeze-style antics, and lots of dancing while singing some of her most popular music such as “Poker Face” and “Born This Way.” Her performance started out by belting out “America the Beautiful” and “This Land is Your Land” before making her first jump off the platform.

Some may have thought she would have slipped some sort of political speech in, but she instead kept it entertaining. However, she did make her message quite clear as she sang of coming together no matter who you are.

How can Lady Gaga top this?

This girl can honestly say that this was one of the best nights she has ever had.

So, can this Super Bowl performance be topped? Probably not, but she did announce that she is going back on a solo tour. Right after the halftime show, she made the exciting announcement that there will be a 2017 Joanne Tour coming up soon.

Lady Gaga is breathing a sigh of relief now that her hard work has paid off. She had a proud moment being able to entertain millions of people, whether they are fans or not, and nailing it like she did, according to the internet and the media. Her tears of joy proved that she is human after all. Her mask was off, and she proved that she didn’t need any of her former costumes that she was always known for at the beginning of her career.