"Ladies of London" will be airing the finale tonight, one hour earlier than normal. It is going to be an explosive episode, one that will change the dynamic between the ladies forever.

Let the drama roll

There has been a lot of talk about marissa hermer spreading lies about Caroline Stanbury and her move to Dubai. Last night, she appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" and cleared the air. Hermer did not start the rumors, she was just questioning whether or not they were true. If they weren't, why was Stanbury so worried about them? Being in the public eye isn't easy and there are plenty of false things circulating about the entire cast of "Ladies of London."

On tonight's show, there is going to be an epic battle.

Juliet Angus is shown talking about the lack of loyalty among the women. This turns into quite the heated battle of what was supposed to be the final night spent with Caroline Stanbury. Angus and Stanbury have a unique friendship, one that has been compared to a lap dog and its master.

Broken ties and leaving London

The "Ladies of London" are no longer in London. Caroline Stanbury is living in Dubai and Marissa Hermer has moved to California. She revealed that she will be opening a restaurant/club with her husband soon. The location they are scoping is West Hollywood, though nothing has been set in stone. It was revealed that Hermer no longer has a relationship with Juliet Angus, which is surprising, considering that during Season 1 the two were quite close.

She also admitted that she hasn't spoken to Stanbury, but the two have texted a bit.

The fate of "Ladies of London" hasn't officially been revealed, but it appears that the show is over. With two of the main cast members out of the country, the continuation would be difficult at best. Marissa Hermer addressed rumors of joining the cast of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and confirmed that she was asked about joining the show by fans. It could be a good fit for her, still posh, but definitely not as prim and proper. Bravo hasn't released a cancellation notice, but it looks like this is the end of the road for "Ladies of London."