With Wyatt in trouble for trying to change history last week, he’s sitting out this “Timeless” mission. In fact, he’s being held in an undisclosed location while Lucy and Rufus find themselves with a new soldier accompanying them on a chase for Flynn in the 1920s in “The lost generation.”

'Rittenhouse isn’t a choice; it’s blood'

Lucy’s father tells her that there’s no escaping Rittenhouse when she vows to not do the terrible things they do. He points out that no matter how she feels about the old ways of Rittenhouse, it seems like every new generation wants to move on from them, but they never do.

Even Charles Lindbergh, who seems to be in line with Lucy’s train of thought where it comes to Rittenhouse, changes his mind. He goes from starting a new life with the help of Josephine Baker to turning back up and becoming a mouthpiece for the secret organization. Lucy wonders how he could do something like that, but her mother, who still doesn’t know about the Rittenhouse angle, thinks he just loved the spotlight.

With Lucy receiving the journal that Flynn has at the end of the episode though, could it be that she finds a way to take Rittenhouse down from the inside? Even if she can’t escape her birthright, she might still be able to stop them.

Lucy and Rufus love Josephine Baker

Lucy fan girling over historic figures is nothing new, but there’s somehow a new layer of fun every time she does it.

The added bonus of Lucy and Rufus both loving Josie while BamBam doesn’t even know who she is hits the nail on the historical head too. As a young black man and as a young woman who loves her history, these two would have seen Josephine Baker as a hero while she might not have show up on a white man’s radar at all.

It’s another example of the show managing to explain to the audience just how whitewashed history is without making the entire episode about history’s whitewashing.

It’s also always gratifying to see the show bring in such big names in an interesting way. Having Josephine Baker circulate pictures amongst her friends at a Paris nightclub is probably not the route another time traveling show would go.

Dave is no Wyatt

Affectionately called “BamBam” by Wyatt, Dave replaces him for this mission.

On the one hand, it’s nice that the show decided to bring in a soldier we already know a little bit about to take on Wyatt’s job instead of bringing in someone completely new. On the other hand, we all knew he wasn’t likely to last long, right? After all, his “ma’am” aimed at Lucy at the top of the episode, causes her a moment of pause since it’s not Wyatt saying it.

What’s interesting is that Dave proves himself early on in their trip to Paris by figuring out exactly how Flynn took Lindbergh's plane out of the sky. He doesn’t keep up with the good work though when he opts to follow the rules and bring a 1920s pistol with him instead of a modern gun. Wyatt, despite trying to change history, has always known which rules can and can’t be broken to get the job done.

That being said, though I am happy that Wyatt escapes his prison, I do wish that Dave had made it through the mission and got to stick around as a possible backup soldier in the future. When Jiya is training to be a pilot, there’s got to be other backups for this team as well, as much as we might love the main cast.

Rittenhouse takes over

Agent Christopher finds that the agents who oust her at Mason Industries are actually members of Rittenhouse. Talk about foxes in the hen house! Luckily, Wyatt has escaped custody and Jiya is likely on their side, but five people against an entire organization seems a little difficult. The Time Team might need Flynn after all.

The verdict and what’s next

Rittenhouse has taken over so much of Mason Industries now that it seems impossible for the Time Team to keep going. I can’t wait to see what’s happening next!

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Misha Collins makes his “Timeless” debut next week for “Public Enemy No. 1” as the team goes to 1931 Chicago to tangle with Al Capone.