Scheana Shay and Mike Shay have officially filed for divorce. The two have been dealing with marital issues since at least October, but the problems began way before that. It was reported that Mike had gone missing for a few days and drained Scheana's bank account. It is widely known that he has dealt with substance abuse and it was rumored that he was using again.

What caused the split?

Speculation has been swirling for a while, and up until last night, Scheana did not comment on what was going on. During her appearance on "Watch What Happens Live," she confirmed that Mike did go missing for almost a week.

They decided to forgo the legal separation period because that would have only delayed the inevitable.

Where do they stand now?

As of now, Scheana and Mike Shay are not on speaking terms. They filed their divorce papers back in December but it will still be months before it is final. Scheana and Mike haven't lived together since October and they haven't talked in quite a while. It was confirmed that she bought him a ticket to Michigan so that he could spent the holidays with his family. That was something like a final parting gift, and it is unclear whether or not he returned to California yet.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Scheana Shay has moved on and is already seeing a mystery man. She posted photos of him on Snap Chat, leading to many speculations about his identity.

She is no stranger to dating married men, as she had an affair with Eddie Cibrian when he was still married to Brandi Glanville. That's right, she is the girl Glanville hates with a passion. Some fans believe the man is Shay's trainer, but that has not been confirmed. Mike Comrie was also mentioned, but during her stint on "Watch What Happens Live," Scheana did confirm it was not him in her bed.

"Vanderpump Rules" is going to air some of the marriage trouble Scheana and Mike Shay experienced toward the end of the season. It was confirmed that the cameras would be filming the fallout from the divorce, and Scheana did admit that a lot of it will be filmed, and she was going to let everyone tune in to see what happened before she says anymore about the situation.