Series like "Sneaky Pete" make Amazon Prime a subscription service worth having. I'd never considered it before but when my husband looked at how much we order from Amazon, he decided that it was worth the shipping fees that we would save to subscribe to Amazon Prime. And that's how we discovered "Sneaky Pete" on Amazon Prime Video.

CBS passed on the pilot

The series "Sneaky Pete" is exclusive to Amazon Prime. It's like the Netflix Original series in that it can only be found on that platform. It stars Giovanni Ribisi and Brian Cranston. Fans of "Breaking Bad" will likely enjoy this series because of the fast paced action.

According to Hollywood, the show was originally created for CBS but they passed on the pilot. It was only 6 or 7 months later when Amazon showed interest in it.

Giovanni Ribisi as Marius Josopovic as Pete

Giovanni Ribisi does an excellent job portraying Pete. Well, he's actually Marius Josopovic, a recently released inmate who has to stay on the low for a while so that he can avoid being found by Vince (Brian Cranston), the guy he's screwed out of a lot of money. To do this, he's taken on the identity of his prison cell mate, Pete, who hasn't seen his family in many years.

Almost immediately after being released from prison, Marius Josopovic realizes that he's going to have to get back in the game really quickly and make some money to pay back Vince because Vince has his little brother.

His younger brother has always worked with him in his card game scams because he's an amazing dealer. He's not the player that Marius is, but he loved the game. The two of them, along with various partners, one of whom was killed in one of their plans, pissed off Vince when they tried to scam him out of a lot of money and got caught.

Now Marius, pretending to be Sneaky Pete, has to make it right and if that means pretending to be someone else and ripping off a hard working family, then that is what he will do.

Nothing goes as planned

As Marius takes on Pete's life, he meets the family that Pete talked about so fondly in prison. Pete's grandparents (played by Peter Garrety and Margo Martindale), his cousins (played by Marin Ireland, Libe Barer and Shane McRae), and various other characters from Pete's past seem average enough at first.

But it becomes pretty obvious that there is more to it than it first seems.

The family business is bail and bonds and Pete finds out that there is a large amount of money in the safe. That is what will save him and his brother. Or so he thinks. But is the money really there? And if it isn't, where did it go? Who took it? And can he get it back so that he can steal it? And what the heck is Grandma doing sneaking around with that guy from the other bail company? Is she having an affair? You won't want to stop watching "Sneaky Pete" because you have to find out what's really happening!

There are things that the real Pete never knew because he and his mom left the family behind when he was younger.

There are things that never could have prepared Marius Josopovic for the mess that he was getting involved with. There are things that are so messed up that even Marius could have expected. And most of all, Marius never expected to actually start caring about these people that aren't even his family. But his brother comes first. Can Marius get the money, save his brother, and not hurt the new family that doesn't belong to him but that he's grown close to?

Watch the trailer here.

Check out "Sneaky Pete" on Amazon Prime Video. It's the series that was made to be binge watched.

The second part of the series has been confirmed, according to IMDB.