Jaggesh, the Kannada actor known for his classic comedy movies is back in action through his next film "melukote manja" which was released on February 10, 2017. He has not only starred in this movie but has also directed it.

Just like his previous outings, this film is also loaded with adequate slapstick comedy moments which will pull the audiences to a funny rollercoaster ride. Apart from Jaggesh, the film also stars Aindrita Ray, Ranghayana Raghu and Sadhu Kokila in other prominent roles.

100% genuine comedy

Jaggesh, as we all know is a man who can enact comedy roles in the most elegant manner.

In this movie too, he has repeated the same magic. In one scene, we can see Jaggesh aiming to get into a Pulsar, but later riding a Hero cycle in front of some college girls, like this in this movie, and it will tickle the funny bones of the audiences for sure.

But what goes against Jaggesh in this movie is his age. It is a sheer pain to watch Jaggesh doing romance in this movie.

His chemistry with Aindrita was the most boring element in the flick. Both of them proved that they are a perfect miss match, as Jaggesh looked like Aindrita's elder uncle.

Jaggesh as a director proves again

Jaggesh made his directorial debut through the movie "Guru" in 2012. His first movie handled a very serious subject, and when it comes to "Melkote Manja", things are different as the film is loaded with lots of fun and humor.

Jaggesh, as a director has narrated the film in a crisp manner, and he has reaped the best from his actors.

Sudeep's "Hbbuli' was supposed to release along with this movie yesterday, but for some reason it got postponed.

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Box-office prediction

Two other Kannada movies, "Smile Please" and "Enendu Hesaridali" were also released on February 10, 2017.

But considering the star value of Jaggesh, these two small movies will find it hard to steady their box-office run. As "Melukote Manja" has started receiving positive reviews from the viewers, it is expected to gross more than 4 Crores by the end of this opening weekend.