An experimental movie with a large crew comprises of five music directors and five cinematographers; this is how we can define the new Kannada movie "Chowka" in a single line.

The film which was released on February 03, 2017 is reportedly doing well at the Sandalwood box-office.

The primary reason behind the widespread acceptance of this movie is its unique cinematic language and different characterization. The film features Vijay Raghavendra, Prem Kumar, Diganth, Deepa Sannidhi, Priyamani and Prajwal Devaraj in the lead roles.

Chowka: The most happening journey spanning over two decades

"Chowka" is a romantic thriller which revolves around the life of four loving couples. The movie begins in 1986 and ends in 2017. In the meantime, we come across four loving partners who wish to get married and settled in their lives.

Unexpected problems happen in their lives, and it turns the proceedings upside down. Finally, a solution to all their problems gets conveyed in a single scene.

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Impeccable multi-linear narration from Tarun Sudhir

The style of multi-linear narration is quite unfamiliar to the Sandalwood audiences. Director Tharun Sudhir has carefully woven all the happenings in the movie in the most impeccable manner.

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The filmmaker took enough time to introduce all the central characters, and as a result, no kind of confusion will arise in the minds of the viewers.

The power of five

As indicated earlier, the film has five musicians, five cinematographers, five lyricists, five dialogue writers and five art directors.

Interestingly, director Tharun has reaped the best from all these artists, and it makes "Chowka" a real gem of a film.

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In the acting department, it was Bhavana who put up an impressive performance. The dazzling starlet was outstanding while portraying the character of the young girl who lives in 2000.

Box-office prediction

"Chowka" is locking horns with movies like "Jalsa" and "Rush" in the sandalwood box-office. Considering the ensemble star cast in "Chowka," the film is expected to gross more than 5 Crores in its opening weekend.