“Kung Fu Yoga” action movie starring superstar Jackie Chan and Indian actor Sonu Sood was released across the world on February 3, 2017.

Stanley Tong directs the action comedy film featuring Disha Patani in the female lead playing the role of an Indian professor, Ashmita who has a map of treasures from the Magadha Dynasty in India.

Jackie plays an archaeologist in the movie who comes with Ashmita for the treasure hunt and tries to outsmart the Indian Prince Randell played by Sonu Sood. Chan is well equipped with knowledge of Indian history and thus he combines this knowledge with yoga to win over the enemies.

Thrilling action

The film though based on an interesting plot got mixed response from the reviewers. The movie conveys the involvement of yoga but yoga is restricted to only few breathing techniques in the movie. The audience, however, will find few interesting things to keep their eyes rolling like acrobatic tricks and martial art by Chan.

Stunts involving predatory animals and snakes look thrilling and action directors Tong, Chan, and Wu have filmed some adrenaline rising scenes in the movie involving Indian actors.

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Dance number choreographed by Farah Khan

The Indian stars have performed on a well-choreographed number in the movie which adds to the entertainment value and offers some real feel- good shake a leg moments giving this action comic thriller a true Bollywood tampering.

Public response

The movie shows elementary level Kung Fu and yoga is included to represent India as not much of yoga us shown in the movie which may disappoint the audience a bit but actors have performed well in the movie and especially Chan who has kept his charm alive despite restricted action moves in the movie.

The movie may look a bit cheesy due to non- stop change of locations but comic antics and gags do offer some watchable pleasure.

Box-office collections

The film is expected to well in the Indian sub-continent. The occupancy in multiplexes in cities was around 40% in the morning shows. The box-office collections on first day is expected to be around 6-8 crores.