Hillary Clinton has won the election and is president today in an alternate reality online. Or you can call it what it really is, a fake news site where you can click on articles detailing how well Hillary is running the country today. Apparently there is a need for this as some people are still so devastated over Hillary Clinton losing the election to Donald Trump. To ease their pain, they've decided to create a fantasy world to live in with news headlines that suggests things like putting Trump in jail.

President Hillary Clinton

The website "Hillary Beat Trump" is satirical and dedicated to a world where Hillary is at the helm of the nation.

This week Hillary's approval rating rose to 89 percent and since winning the election in this fantasy world, she's been doing a terrific job. Some might say that these folks have found a way to take fantasy to the outer edges and to a point no one has gone before.

Trump treason

In this fake world with President Hillary Clinton, the Department of Justice is considering a treason charge against Trump. If you watched their fake "Ellen" on Monday in this alternate universe you would have seen Ted Cruz make a confession. This Fake News Site has Cruz saying that he "killed Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster in 1993," according to the Daily Caller.

Ted Cruz top GOP for 2020

Talking about the future for politics in this fantasy world for Hillary Clinton, it seems she will face Cruz in the next election, as he is deemed the Republican front runner for the 2020 race for the White House.

Sean Spicer,\ and Ted Cruz are subjected to mockery in articles on the "Hillary Beat Trump" website.

Out of touch with reality?

Hillary's supporters who are so devastated that they need to cope by living in Hillary's fantasy world seem to indicate they're not in touch with reality. This is something that helped Hillary lose the election in the first place.

She built her own fantasy world out of the bathroom in her home.

This is where she kept a server in which classified emails were sent and received as she lived in a fantasy that there was absolutely nothing wrong with this situation, until it imploded during her campaign. Going to the "Hillary Beat Trump" website daily to get the news of a fantasy land where Hillary is in the White House gives Hillary supporters a way to get past their pain. It looks as though fake news has jumped to a different level.