Although the Jurassic World film took another turn in this new direction that was released in cinemas in 2015, one of the main points that attractthe viewers is the fact that the film has maintained the connection with the original version of Jurassic Park. These connections were made through tributes, some references and visual sights which showed the best of Steven Spielberg's classic, giving us to understand that they will continue the tradition where BD Wong will return to the role of the dinosaur geneticist Dr Henry Wu.

Dr Henry Wu debuted in 1993

Both the appearance of Velociraptor and BD Wong will once again be part of this wonderful world. The fact that BD Wong is back in Jurassic World 2 shows us that the millionaire saga of Steven Spielberg is going to manifest again taking a sequence and will not be isolated from the original version.

The Famous Dr Henry Wu is one of the oldest characters within the Jurassic franchise, which dates back to the first film, which debuted in 1993. The most striking thing about BD Wong is that since his first appearance so far he seems that the age is passing above him. It seems he has mastered the art of keeping his DNA intact.

Next movie will be darker and terrifying

One of the points that affirm the director Colin Trevorrow is that this film will be a little darker, since they are trying to take Jurassic World to a level to which they had not taken it before.

Although as we mentioned earlier, they are holding the main saga, this will be a new concept, with new ideas.

It is important to mention thatinside the little information that they bring to light of the film Jurassic World 2, is that the movie will show sites that previously had not been shown, and in turn, as another point of intrigue, will happen things that the followers of the Jurassic Saga have never waited and they are going to impact in a big way.

Finally, Jurassic World 2 will be presented with Universal Studios and although there are not many details, the film will be released on June 8, 2018.