The Marvel comics films by this time, are having a hard time. Starting with the character rights being sold off in the 1990s, superheroes as The Avengers have their menage at Marvel Studios and Disney, while 20th Century Fox are engaged with the X-Men franchise and the high number of movies that involves. Despite both entities are a complete success in their own right, both are held completely separate.

Patrick Stewart has played the role of Charles Xavier “Professor X” for 17 years, say, he’s been in the franchise since the first adaptation to the movies was gone out in cinemas.

In spite the fact that he and his mutants will never see the day when Avengers and X-Men become entangled in battle, that wasn’t impediment to allow him to fantasize when he made the question of who of both teams could win the match.

Charles Xavier has no is extremely sure for his side winning any battle

This answer was made to Stewart when he was promoting Logan to, to what he said (in an answer dyed with his well-known funnier side) that he was very confident in his team winning any battle:

“X-Men versus? I don’t know who The Avengers are… Of course, I do. There’s no contest. Bring on Famke Jansen, James Mardsden… We’ll sort them out”

It isn’t something new that Stewart supports the people with he’s been working for almost 20 years.

The comment seems to be a kind of challenge, but there aren’t many possibilities for both universes to cross in a film. Well, not for now.

However, there is a story arc in the comics that relates a battle of both teams, that, despite isn’t the most celebrated in the world, it could contribute to form the ground of a new and incredible movie in a collaborative universe in an uncompromising way.

Logan, the new success of Marvel

For the moment, the best may be to leave Avengers and X-Men alone to do what they’re doing. Logan is harvesting some good reviews before its release, achieving an excellent 96% in the site Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing, and the extravagant promotion for the upcoming Disney/Marvel release Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is going from success to success. When everything is perfect, what can be fixed?