We know that Marvel is a very successful franchise, not only for their comics but also takes care of bringing them to reality but all deliveries of marvel Have been an imminent success as for example the great "Iron Man" was a blockbuster and we can not forget the great Captain America in "The Winter Soldier", But what about Thor?, the first film of the Thor franchise had a certain charm for the viewer and introduced the famous Loki; The second delivery of this franchise "The Dark World" was not so shocking had more critics than fans, But despite this there are high expectations of the new delivery of this trilogy that bears the name of Ragnarok, Last week EW gave the first glimpse into the movie, the movie news have revolved around this movie.

Taika Waititi in charge of directing the film with innovative ideas

In the third installment of this taika trilogy promises to innovate the film in different ways, they found a way for Hulk to fit into this film, There will be a new villain who will have the power to create weapons in the air, Which will be a nuisance for our heroes, Another new character will be Jeff Goldblum the eccentric Grandmaster and his colorful guard.

Wititi also said that the tone of the film will be comedy scope in the world of Asgard and not only this but there is a new character in many ways similar or Thor or superior to him, and it is nothing more and nothing less than Valkyrie.

Jane Foster will not appear in Ragnarok, what happened to Jane Foster?

Last summer Portman said he had terminated the franchise, and this would be just the first statement of Jane's absence in the film, but the absence of Jane gives much to think since Thor spoke much of her in Ultron this would be the first problem, the second would be what would be the future of Thor without Jane?

The film will have to give us a great explanation of why Jane is not next to Thor, as it is a great disappointment they do not see Jane as the goddess of thunder, But in the comics it appears that Jane is fighting against cancer on earth and that she is totally blonde, so if you think to replace Portman, you will notice the change.