Keeping with its long tradition of geek culture programming, #Syfy introduces a new reality competition series in the tradition of its huge hit "Face Off." Instead of special effects makeup artists, this time around, cosplay community competitors will go head-to-head on "Cosplay Melee" to create the most creative, “eye-popping” costumes and characters for panel of judges.

New Syfy competition will showcase the best cosplayers

Tonight Syfy premieres #CosplayMelee," hosted by actress and self-described “super fan girl” Yvette Nicole Brown. Brown is an actress known for "Community" and "The New Edition Story," but she’s also appeared on "Talking Dead" as a legendary "The Walking Dead" super fan.

In a press release from Syfy, Brown confessed to being excited on a personal level about getting the opportunity to host "Cosplay Melee."

“As a huge fan of the creativity cosplayers bring to their craft, nothing makes me happier than having a front row seat for the amazing creations set to hit the 'Cosplay Melee' runway. These talented artists are going to shine!”

'Cosplay Melee' features different competitors each episode

The format for "Cosplay Melee" is a bit different from "Face Off." Instead of one group of competitors “facing off” for an entire season and being eliminated one by one, "Cosplay Melee" introduces four new cosplayers each week that will be competing to create complete full-body looks.

Along with Brown, the judging panel includes legendary cosplayer LeeAnna Vamp and costume designer Christian Beckman (“The Hunger Games,” and “TRON: Legacy.”)

Heather Olander, Senior Vice President, Alternative Development and Production at USA/Syfy, says this cosplay competition will be a mash up of many different kinds of creativity.

“Cosplay is passion, artistry, engineering and theater all rolled into one. At the intersection of the maker world and fandom, the incredible artists of 'Cosplay Melee' will blow your minds with their transformational creations.”

The winner each week takes home a sizable cash prize of $10,000, which for some cosplayers means the probably break about even. But it’s all about bragging rights in the cosplay world, and this new Syfy series promises to take local competitions to a new national level. And this cosplay revolution will be televised.