Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton got engaged on "Bachelor in Paradise" and moved really fast. He moved in with her and her daughters, but things didn't work out for them. Now Us Magazine shared that Josh is talking about the split and how he misses her girls now that he is gone. This is the hardest part for Josh about moving on with his life after this big split.

What did Josh Murray reveal?

They got the chance to talk to Josh while at Love Bites event at STK Miami on Tuesday. Josh admits that it has been "rough" getting back to normal life without Amanda and her daughters in his life.

He was used to spending all of his time with them and this is a big change. Josh did move back to Atlanta right after the split.

Josh Murray shared that this has been a hard adjustment because he got really attached to Amanda's two daughters. He said that this is the hardest part about being single now for him because he does miss the girls. If you follow Josh on social networks, he was constantly posting about the girls and sharing pictures with them while he was with Amanda. Josh was close to the girls that is for sure.

One thing that Josh shared is that he talks to her daughter Charlie and when he is in the are again he hopes to see her. Josh admits that he doesn't really like to just end a relationship and not still be friends with the person.

This has been hard on him, but Josh will find a way to move on. Josh is hopeful he will get to see her again.

Josh Murray isn't sure if he would ever go back on reality television again or not. He wants to find love and a wife, but he isn't so sure that reality TV is the way to find it. He has been on several shows so far. Josh is hopeful he will find his person, but you never know how it is going to end up happening.

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