Mike Fleiss has been teasing a big announcement on his Twitter for weeks now, and it turns out that spoilers are out about what it will be. According to Reality Steve, tonight Jimmy Kimmell will reveal what this big news is and that it is who will be "The Bachelorette" next season. It is really early to be announcing it, but they don't seem to mind that choice.

Who is going to get the job?

It turns out that Rachel Lindsay is going to be the girl cast as "The Bachelorette." This is pretty wild for a few reasons. One big reason is that Rachel is still on the show and trying to win the heart of Nick Viall.

The fact that they are announcing it tonight will be a huge spoiler for fans that don't read the spoilers. They will know that Rachel isn't the one who wins Nick's heart and that she gets sent home sometime soon. They have never announced it like that before.

Rachel Lindsay will also be the first African-American lead that "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" has ever had. There has been a lot of talk about if they would do this because she makes it so far and it turns out they made the decision to go for it. Chris Harrison already shared that they would be lucky to have Rachel doing the job next season. Her season won't even start filming for a bit and will air after the next season of "Dancing With the Stars" is done airing on ABC on Monday nights.

Amy Kaufman with the LA Times actually tweeted out that she got the job before Steve did and he gave her credit for it. Now he can confirm that it will be announced tonight on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Everyone is going to be shocked to hear this happen so early. Most of the time, they do it on "After the Final Rose." You will not want to miss this episode tonight so you can see it all go down.

Are you shocked to hear that Rachel Lindsay will be "The Bachelorette" 2017? Do you think that they made a good choice with this one? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelor" with Nick Viall on Monday nights on ABC.