It is finally time for the hometown dates on "The Bachelor" 2017 with Nick Viall. On tomorrow's episode, he will be meeting four different families, and Vanessa Grimaldi is one of the girls he goes home with and gets to know her family. Spoilers are out, and Vanessa is going to get emotional during her date with Nick. What causes her to get so upset?

Vanessa reveals something about her past

Vanessa will get pretty emotional about bringing Nick Viall home, but it is because of something in her past. She says, "I haven’t brought anyone home in the last three years, since my last significant relationship.

That was a really hard breakup for me, and it was probably just as tough on my family seeing me go through what I went through." It has to be a hard decision for her to bring Nick home, but she did it. Last week, Vanessa said she is falling in love with Nick.

One thing that Grimaldi is curious about is if Nick can handle her big and loud family. He happens to come from a large family as well, so that might make it easier on him. Vanessa is really curious to see what her family thinks of Nick. Everyone can't wait to see if he is able to win them over and if he will ask her dad if he is allowed to propose to her if that is what he ends up wanting to do at the end of the show. Nick could wait until he knows who he wants to get engaged to and then contact their parents.

She actually lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and this is where Nick will be going to meet her family. She comes from a large family, and it should be an interesting date. At the end of this week, Nick will send one girl home, and this will leave just three women for him to take on overnight dates. It won't be long and the fans will finally get to see who Nick Viall picks at the end of his journey.

Everyone already knows it isn't Rachel Lindsay, so things are looking good for Vanessa.

Are you surprised to see Vanessa Grimaldi getting emotional over bringing Nick Viall home? Do you think that she is the one he will pick in the end? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelor" 2017 on Monday nights with Nick Viall.