In shocking news today, Jamie Lynn Spears daughter Maddie has been injured in an ATV accident, and it doesn't sound very good. TMZ is sharing the details about what happened to her. This happened to Maddie on Sunday. Her daughter is only eight-years-old.

What happened to Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter?

Reports are that she was on a Polaris off-road vehicle when the accident happened. The ATV flipped over and then Maddie ended up under water. Reports are that she was under the water for several minutes after the accident. Sources say she was airlifted to a nearby hospital after the accident.

The reports are that Jamie Lynn Spears was not with her daughter when it happened. Maddie was on a hunting trip of some time, but nobody is sharing who she was with at the time of the accident. So far, Jamie Lynn is staying quiet about her daughter. The fans went to Twitter right away and started tweeting about Maddie and praying for her. Everyone is wishing her the best and hopes that all is okay with her, but nobody seems to have any more information about her at this time and it is all just people hoping all is well.

Everyone is hopeful that Jamie Lynn Spears will give fans an update soon on her daughter. As of right now, she has probably rushed to her daughter's side, and the least of her concerns is letting the fans know what is going on.

Jamie Lynn Spears has done some acting over the years, but she recently has been working on her country music career. She even did a special on TLC about her music career and working on her first album. This didn't turn into a series, even though the fans were a bit hopeful that it would end up coming back full-time.

Spears has done a great job of keeping her daughter out of the spotlight, even though she has been in the news a lot over the years.

Fans are sending out prayers for Jamie Lynn's daughter and hoping that she will have a speedy recovery. Right now it is being said that she is in extremely serious condition and no other updates are available for her.