Netflix recently announced the coming of two new characters in the much-awaited “house of cards” Season 5. The Oscar nominated actress patricia clarkson, along with the “Big Night” and “Roger Dodger” star Campbell Scott, are going to grace the political drama series. The entertainment company remains mum about the official plotline of the show's fifth installment, and still keeping things under wraps. In fact, the streaming service didn’t even reveal details about Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott’s respective characters.

Teaser photos hint Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott’s characters

However, new snaps from the set of “House of Cards” Season 5 emerged, and from the look of it, Campbell Scott is having a meeting with Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman). The Republican Governor of New York and a presidential hopeful who is running against Frank (Kevin Spacey), is in the White House to have a meeting with the current state leader’s wife, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright).

Although it is not yet clear what exact characters they are portraying, the snaps evidently hint whose side they are going to take. Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott might be the new antagonists that will be against Frank.

The continuation of the upcoming new installment

‘House of Cards” Season 5 will pick up where the previous season left off. Frank, along with the country’s First Lady started a war to help them boost the president’s rating, especially now that the election is near. The show’s fourth season concluded with Frank declaring a total war in the U.S.

and commanding the military’s full force to fight all the terror happening around the world. This was also the first time that Claire was seen breaking the fourth wall by looking into the camera.

Release date revealed

Netflix finally revealed the official release date of the much-awaited political television series, and, strategically, it coincided with Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The network made its announcement using its Twitter page by sharing a short video that carries a dark meaning. A group of kids can be heard reciting the Pledge of Allegiance while the flag of the United States can be seen dancing in the air, but it is placed upside down. It also has the caption “We make the terror” that Frank said in the previous season finale. Season 5 will return on May 31st.